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For five decades
the Artist pursues her career

a severe accident leaves the artist's arms
and hands lifeless – with no hope to continue
her life of artistic accomplishments.
Sharon chooses success
and never gives up.

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Her quilts are proudly displayed, incomplete,
frozen at the exact time of her accident.
Dangly loose threads hanging from her most
significant quilt pieces, "fall-down quilt"
marks what she thought would be her final artwork.

After a lengthy recovery and pain management,
Sharon brings forth
her NEW COLLECTION 2008 wool knit,
Alpaca Merino wool scarves.

See her new quilted fiber art designs.
Inspiring Artist Sharon DeLaCruz
tells her life story and sells her Art Quilts,
Alpaca Merino scarves for sale
and fine artwork.
Customize your favorite colors.
Quality elegant designs and
Alpaca Merino wool scarves for sale.


Sharon DeLaCruz art is unique and one of a kind.
Her quilts, are very fine art pieces that have been
exhibited in both notable galleries and at the
public summer artfair. The artist was born
in a tropical climate and her love for very warm
fashions inspired her to create WARM Alpaca Merino,
wool, muffler, scarf, scarves, custom,
woman assessories. These designs,
one of a kind are unique.
Design excellence came with function.

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Wool warm scarves, designer scarves,
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products that you will find.
Whatever you call these unique, original,
one of a kind, art fashion statements,
they are all made with loving hands.