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1. Where have I been most recently?

2. Where I have been?
3. Current events and upcoming?
Mother's Day Art Spree May 7- 8, 2009 Upcoming show

( Sharon DeLaCruz will be on stand-by )

On stand-by means that the Artist has been requested to prepare for this show, but will not necessarily be present at this show.

However, please consider this announcement as an invitation to enjoy the event as the other 10 participating Illinois Artisans will be glad that you stopped by to see their creative work and demonstrations.

<TWO days ONLY>
Thursday & Friday

TIME: 8:30 - 10:00 AM early bird
HOURS: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Ground Level, Atrium Mall,
James R. Thompson Center

Mother's Day Spree

100 W. RANDOLPH ST., SUITE 4-300, CHICAGO, IL 60601,

Art 2009 -- The 40th annual Art Fair

April 25 - April 26, 2009

The 40th Annual Art Fair
of the North Shore Unitarian Church Art Exhibit
is in a wonderful, indoor setting with juried Artists
and Artisans.

The contemporary architecture of the church complex
has proven an excellent setting for viewing the works
of the artists.

Fine Art and fine crafts including photography, painting,
ceramics, glass, paper, woodworking, metalworking,
jewelry, sculpture, fiber, clothing and mixed media. Items
all hand-made.


Sharon DeLaCruz
will be participating
in this 2-day event

North Shore Unitarian Church
2100 Half Day Road
Deerfield, Illinois 60015
(847) 234-2460

Time of event
Saturday, April 25, 2009 at 10am to 6pm
Sunday, April 26, 2009 at 11am to 5pm



Fresh Ideas Art Spree

April 16-17, 2009 show

Sharon DeLaCruz
Introduces New products

Cherry Belle, is the newest
designer wool scarf
modeled by Marisa Pawelko
Contest Winner, a ModernSurrealist

The Traveler's scarf
features two pockets on either side
fits a passport or small destination map.

All occasion stationary set
features original flower paintings
by Sharon DeLaCruz

Artist One of a kind wool scarves

Limited Edition Artist prints

<TWO days ONLY>
Thursday & Friday

TIME: 8:30 - 10:00 AM early bird
HOURS: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Ground Level, Atrium Mall,
James R. Thompson Center

Fresh Ideas Spree

100 W. RANDOLPH ST., SUITE 4-300, CHICAGO, IL 60601,

Wool Scarves


Sharon DeLaCruz successfully submits
her design work for the greater good.
Press release information on Sharon DeLaCruz

The Best of Cause-Related Marketing
and Nonprofit Design
* Submission Deadline: 2009-02-27

To be published in Fall 2009
by Harper Collins Publishers, this book will
feature over 150 of the world's best Cause
Marketing campaigns as well as designs
created for nonprofits.


*Book Description:
Designing for the Greater Good will showcase the best design work for non-profit and cause-related marketing produced in the last five years.

There’s a much larger purpose presenting the best socially-responsible design that’s going on in the world today which will include stories of the people who are doing it and raise awareness.

There’s a lot of great cause-related work happening out there but there’s never been a book that reveals the best the industry has to offer--until now.


Reborn Quilt Project Feb 9-through-April 30, 2009

Quilt by Sharon DeLaCruz
offered for sale at the art center.
Information to purchase
Matching colorful aprons separately priced.
Completion date 1/15/2009.

Quilt name -- "Life Celebration" One of a kind
Size 38" inches across X 54" inches top/bottom
Pictorial detailed hand-painted quilted wall hanging.
Hand-stitched, hand-made with machine piecing.

This quilt appropriately titled, honors life.
The Artist regained the use of her lifeless hands and

legs from a severe accident, and celebrates memorializing a second chance at life
after an interruption nearly destroyed her Artist career.

Current show

Exhibition location
Southern IL Artisans SHop
and Visitors Center
14967 Gun Creek Trail
Whittington, IL 62897
Art center (618) 629-2220

Sharon DeLaCruz's recycled fabrics
in storage since 1992 and recently
re-discovered in 2008.

The artist finds natural cotton to be a perfect surface to apply vegetable soy based inks.

Delivery of Quilt January 29, 2009


Box measurements: 10" x 12" x 51"
To send one wall-hanging measuring
38" inches across X 54" requires lengthy rolls
of tissue and bubble wrap to insure the
safety of it's arrival in time for it's
show-time presentation.
Bon Voyage! Safe travels!



Sharon DeLaCruz's Quilts
are traveling ambassadors
making their way over the world.

They are scheduled to be seen
in galleries, shops and
unexpected places.

This quilt (inside box) will be
exhibited under the eco theme
a collaborate effort with
other Illinois Artisans.

A group exhibition reminds
the public of environmental concerns.
Emphasis/ thrust of the show
as a public statement:
Artisan Center announces publicly
they will go GREEN in 2009.


A valuable websource promotes world wide January 28, 2009



Sharon DeLaCruz
as an Artisan gone GREEN
promotes her product line world wide.
Click here to find businesses and
organizations that intentionally
share mutual concerns for making
connections in sustaining commerce
and natural health.
This is a valuable
websource for your business.

Individual Greeness - Artist featured January 26, 2009 Acceptance

Appearing soon
Sharon DeLaCruz's product line
will sport the GREEN "seal of approval".



Congratulations Sharon DeLaCruz!

Her life-long devotion to her artwork
is in recognition. A featured
publication by Cresthill publishers:

The Big Book of Green Designs

(more information forthcoming)

Poster design January-February 2009


Poster design

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Happy Customers December 17, 2009



A happy customer says

"I was first attracted to Sharon's wool
scarves because of their beauty -
it was wearable art.

After making my first purchase,
I discovered how warm it kept me
through the bitter Chicago winter.

I have now purchased one for each
and every member of my family!"
Mrs. Elizabeth Dietz of Oak Park, IL

Activities & Possibilities January 2009

"The only way people will know
what you are doing is by telling
them repeatedly, by announcing your
work by speaking loudly through
a huge megaphone on the tallest
mountain top!"


Sharon DeLaCruz
has Dreams and actions
for a full calendar year
coming soon 2009.
Start living your dreams
for them to come through.

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Building a business December 2008

Sharon DeLaCruz welcomes your ideas!

1. A business is like a living, breathing organism
2. Make sound conscientious decisions
3. Make a business plan
4. Set a target for each of your product line
5. Anticipate expenses you expect to incur
6. Research the marginal mark-up to see if it makes
economic sense?
7. Set lofty goals and target dates to monitor your progress.


Sharon DeLaCruz
takes action to build
her business.

Conscious Choice Magazine December 2008

See Artist Sharon DeLaCruz's eco cotton
products promoted in the most current
issure of Conscious Choice magazine
that has over 40,000 distribution national.
Make a choice by knowing
how your purchases make a difference.


Sharon DeLaCruz's
selected eco gifts in the
2008 Holiday Gift Guide
in the December issue of
Conscious Choice Magazine.

As seen in the Conscious
Choice internet gift guide:

Chicago Artist Sharon A. DeLaCruz
uses e-natural vegetable soy inks
to create ONe of a Kind designs
which are hand-painted on organic
cotton canvas aprons and tote bags.
These designs express love and
dreams coming true with flowery
imagination. Prices range from
$35 to $75. Limited editions.
No two alike.
For more information 773 784-0736

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James R. Thompson Center  December 10-12, 2008

( Sharon DeLaCruz will be on stand-by )

On stand-by means that the Artist has been requested to prepare for this show, but will not necessarily be present at this show.

However, please consider this announcement as an invitation to enjoy the event as the other 10 participating Illinois Artisans will be glad that you stopped by to see their creative work and demonstrations.

Christmas Show
SUITE 4-300,


St. Gertrude's Christmas Bazaar December 6-7, 2008


Artist, Sharon DeLaCruz
will be selling her art wares on both days

Saturday, Dec. 6th 10:00am to 4:00pm
Sunday, Dec. 7th 9:00am to 2:30pm

on donation of proceeds

St. Gertrude’s Christmas Bazaar
is an annual Edgewater tradition…

featuring 40 Artisans & Craft vendors
as well as the beloved White Elephant Table,
concessions, activities for children,
and even photo opportunities with
Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick

1401 W. Granville Ave. 773-764-3621


St. Gertrude's Parish
Pancake breakfast with deluxe fixings
Sunday only!

St. Gertrude Parish’s Annual
Christmas Bazaar & Pancake Breakfast

Sat. Dec. 6th 10am-4pm &
Sun. Dec. 7th 9am-2:30pm
Pancake Breakfast Sunday 9am-1pm

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Apron Collection unveiled November 27, 2008


Ms. Sharon DeLaCruz Chicago designer unveils
her Apron Collection at the private home of
Mr. and Mrs. Dietz in Oak Park
to memorialize Thanksgiving day.

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As part of her company’s community outreach, Sharon DeLaCruz has excitedly launched a line of cotton canvas aprons and tote bags which she uses vegetable soy base inks on un-dyed cotton surfaces.

The benefit from this Chicago designer’s work is the efforts to increase public awareness. Her LOVE inspiring messages are inscribed in her artwork applied to her tote-bags and aprons that
are used daily to promote this worthy cause.

According to the designer, love makes you create throughout all areas of your life, as she encourages color awareness. “All colors, even the ugly colors, can be beautiful–when used elegantly”.

The Artist’s goal is to gently remind the public to think about abundance and generosity during these times of uncertainty. See more of her inspiring story through her website on how she
overcame a severe accident and regaining the use of her lifeless hands after a 4 year recovery, then began to use her hands to create a new business:

Taking action to follow her dreams


New Book publication supports Individual Green-ness!
Sharon DeLaCruz is being acknowledged and
selected for having 'gone green'.

Using re-cycled materials for fabric quilts,
reminding the public with informative pamphlets
of environmental issues or reducing plastic waste,
encouraging the message to recycle paper products.
She uses soy-vegetable-based ink in her art,
and un-dyed fabric canvas cottons etc.

The Designer works with Clients that are
environmentally responsible, yet does not
shun those that are still in the process
of understanding.

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November 21, 2008
Sharon DeLaCruz successfully submits
her work into Cresthill, a major book
publication; titled

Recognition / acknowledgement
a concerned environmentalist!

See Sharon DeLaCruz's one of a kind wool
scarves published with other
notable contemporary designers.
is a very unique book that collectively
affirms Sharon DeLaCruz,
as being one of a growing population
of concerned environmentalist
who uses soy based inks in her artwork--
all natural product line to ensure
her customers and sources
of the highest quality they deserve.

See what designers are doing about
saving our planet with their creative efforts.

Selected/judged-approved for
book publication: January 26, 2009
Date of publication to be announced.

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James R. Thompson Center November 13-14, 2008

Quilted works of ART
Commission works available
and holiday gifts items
Cotton Aprons-Tote Bags-
Alpaca/Merino Wool scarves

TIME: 8:30 - 10:00 AM
EARLY BIRD special 30% discount

Happy customers!


TIME: 8:30 - 10:00 AM
EARLY BIRD special 30% discount

HOURS: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Ground Level, Atrium Mall,
James R. Thompson Center

Home Decorating ART Spree

SUITE 4-300,

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Political Responsibility  November 4, 2008

A new turn in history
Barack Obama our new president

Every vote counts

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DeLaCruz at DeLaCosta October 31, 2008

Who are the faces behind the masques?

Attire: Black-Tie or Masquerade Finery
Masque required for entry

465 E. Illinois St.

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Friday, October 31st, 9pm-2am
DeLaCosta presents a
Black-Tie Masquerade Bal
Featuring: surprise Guest DJ,
Live Performances

V.I.P. Champagne Reception 9-10pm
Courtesy of Piper Heidsieck
Reservations or guest list 312 464-1700

To receive V.I.P. guest photographs
please email

Intuitive and Outsider Art October 25, 2008

The definition of "ART" has no boundaries.
Intuitive and Outsider ARt are self-taught artist
who capture the viewer's imagination. Often compelled
to create art from what ever is at hand. The Outsider has no academic training and oftentimes is unaware that what he is creating is art.

Intuit; The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art
was established in 1991 as a non-profit organization with a mission to promote public awareness and understanding, and appreciation of intuitive and outsider art through education, exhibition, collecting and publishing.

Silent and Live auctioning of Henry Dargers work

<image coming soon>

Among the many wonderful art pieces sold at the
LIVE Auction [The Vivian Girls] Narrowly Escape
Capture by Henry Darger. Watercolor and collage
depicting the courageous Vivian Girls escaping
capture on one side; and verso: At Jennie Ritchee
they refuse to tell where they hid captured plans,
56" x 28.5 Graciously donated by Eugenie and
Lael Johnson.

Thanks Intuit for your
extraordinary efforts
Visionary Ball
Conquest of the Moon
A gala Celebration

A night of exquisite art & dining

The Warehouse of Carmichael's
1052 W. Monroe, Chicago
756 North Milwaukee Ave.

Chicago, IL 60642
Tel 312 243-9088

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True Nature Health Food Store October - Supporting sustainability

Featured Artist store display 10-04-2008.
Aprons + Tote bags

Reduce Plastic Waste
Sharon DeLaCruz offers an alternative
with her beautiful hand-painted
canvas aprons and cotton totes.


Attractive Center stage
in-store display
Features Chicago Artist
Sharon DeLaCruz

True Nature Health Food Store
6034 N. Broadway

Chicago, IL 60660

Shop for Healthy foods
Vitamins & Conscious Choice

This is the place
for those seeking vitality.

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Closing Party -- Exhibition
September 27, 2008 Saturday

Beyond The Barrelman
Exhibition of Filipino Art
comes to a close.

Sharon DeLaCruz, "MOON GODDESS"
fiber Art, a selected Fiber art works can be
seen on it's final day, September 27, 2008.
7:00pm to 10:00pm

Those of you who missed the grandiose
opening, might want to say farewell and
join in with the fun. (scroll down to Sept. 5, 2008)

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Beyond the Barrelman Gallery

Location at:
Mercury Cafe
Contemporary Filipino Art
1505 West Chicago

Chicago, IL

Grand Opening Spa Event September 21, 2008 Saturday

Sharon DeLaCruz (Artist/designer/photographer)
Jeannette Kravitz
(Rejuvenesse Spa owner)

Thank you for your generousity -- Grand Opening celebrated
with complimentary massages, facials, free goodie bags, health products sampling, cuisine food, drinks and Chamber music so beautiful at the Erie Street Cafe.

Standing room only as crowds of local areas residents came to tour the spa, learn of the exciting lifestyle activities to be offered and try Juvenesse skin care and cosmetics products!

Congratulations Jeannette & Randy Kravitz for such an extravaganza and a very successful Grand Opening!

J'ai foo fusion art

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Juvenesse Spa--Peace,
Tranquil, Balance and Beauty

520 West Erie Suite 340
Chicago, IL 60654

River North's Exclusive
Skin Care Treatment Spa

State of the Art Skin Care Technology
For Women & Men

For more information
312 944-1211

James R. Thompson Center September 15-16, 2008 Two days only

Invitation -- drop by and visit
Learn how the artist Sharon DeLaCruz
paints on canvas bags and aprons.

Artist display - demonstration Spree


SUITE 4-300,
CHICAGO, IL 60601,


Wool Knit Scarves

TIME: 8:30 - 10:00 AM
HOURS: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Ground Level, Atrium Mall,
James R. Thompson Center

New product ~ Gift Aprons
undyed natural
100% cotton canvas

Sharon DeLaCruz's Fine art
Collector's Limited Edition
eco friendly
Canvas bags

Colorful aprons
officially introduced through
the State of Illinois, USA
Artisan's program.



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Free Moon Calendar Free MAC download

International Calendar with Moon dates

Click above select any country and
this will create a calendar with moon phases.

With the waxing and waning of the moon
you can schedule your most productive
activities on the increasing of the moon
and complete other activities with the
waning or decreasing of the moon cycle.


Moon phases

(another alternative)

Opening Night Reception September 5, 2008

Beyond The Barrelman
Exhibition of Filipino Art

Sharon DeLaCruz, "MOON GODDESS"
fiber Art, has been selected by the jury
for the 2008 Beyond The Barrelman exhibition.

Moon Quilt

The response to this year’s exhibition
has been overwhelming—in both quality
and quantity. Fifty-three artists submitted
168 pieces for consideration.
Each work was diligently reviewed by
our five jury panelists, and they had to
make some difficult decisions.

In the end, only 65 pieces were selected
by the jury for a month-long exhibition
at the Mercury Café Gallery

Beyond the Barrelman Gallery
ary Filipino Art
1505 West Chicago

Chicago, IL

Live TV International Broadcast
Nation wide USA, Europe, Middle East, Australia, Asia &
See Interview 2nd week of
September 2008.

Free event
Invite your family and friends

Opening Night Reception
Mark your calendars
for the opening night reception!
The last time, it was a large
and joyous celebration.

Friday, September 5, 2008
Time 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Beyond the Barrelman Gallery
Contemporary Filipino Art
1505 West Chicago

Chicago, IL
See artist list & published
submitted artworks of this
special gallery event.

The Love Story (a.k.a. Love Goddess)
When moon beams
from the Moon Goddess
and captures the hearts
of her loved ones,
the window of romance
opens wide to the
everlasting shine of
grandiose moments.
Moon Goddess is
handmade with love,
as a symbol of love
to attract love. © 2008

22" x 26" inches
100% cotton linen
imprinted and signed by the artist.
Drawing in permanent soy ink,
silkscreened one-of-a-kind.
Pearls, sequins,
crystals, silver ornate charms
hand-sewn with gold
metallic thread.

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TV Channel 21 Chicago News August 29, 2008

Sharon DeLaCruz's
Artist Interview
Chicago Access Network TV

Sharon DeLaCruz's -- New DVD
Buy now for $15.00
The creative gift

See Sharon DeLaCruz's artwork
on a local TV station

Friday 6:00--6:30pm

Sharon DeLaCruz's

See details of her newest work
Unique images
Artist speaks in person

Moderator Chris Drew
Multi Cultural Community Center
invites you to learn about
silk screening your artwork

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You may be losing your rights to
freedom of speech and to
freely express as an artist?

Selling ART on Chicago streets

Artists "Protect your Rights" Music and Video


Uptown Multi-Cultural Art Center
1630 West Wilson Ave. Chicago IL 60640

Click for petition sign-up
to expand Creativity in Chicago

<See copyright protection.>

When free speech for artists is lost,
democracy is lost. When free speech
for artists is diminished, democracy is
diminished. c-drew/blog

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Chicago Neighborhood August 23, 2008

The entire street will be blocked
off for this event. This is a great
opportunity to meet your local

Over 400 hamburger-hot dogs grilled!


Winona Block Party
Saturday 11:00am to 5:00pm
Relax and hang-out with your
neighbors listening
Live jazz band...

Restaurants from the neighborhood
will be contributing their food
for this event.

Sharon DeLaCruz
a neighborhood resident
will be displaying her
Artwork, Tee-Shirts and bags
for sale at this Saturday event.

Sharon DeLaCruz has plans
in the making to develop
a commemorative
tee-shirt for the year 2009.

Only in Chicago
such a diverse cultural
neighborhood experience exists.
Mexican food
Indian food
American favorites

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Garden Music Concert JAZZ August 16, 2008 

Greg McDaniels prior performance

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Courtyard 6:00pm to 10:00pm

Marine Drive Garden Music Concert
5052 N. Marine Drive
Chicago, IL 60640
F R E E- no admission charge
by invitation only, call Sharon DeLaCruz

Bring your picnic lunches & Grills!
Relaxed atmosphere, blankets, BYOB

Current event featuring
Alphonso Ponticelli
Swing Gitan Gypsy Jazz

Farmer Markets 2008 August 16 + 30 & Sept. 13 + 27

Home Grown Artists
will be featured
Four Saturdays 8/16, 8/30, 9/13, 9/27

Showing of
Jewelers, printmaker, painters,
authors, knitters, fabric artists,
glass makers, furniture maker
and etc.

Sharon DeLaCruz signature t-shirts
decorated with her imaginative
ink line drawings.
on October 11, 2008.

Evanston's Farmer Market
Sharon DeLaCruz will present
her FINE ART cotton bags for sale.
Veggies, fruit and the arts sell!

University Place and Oak Ave.

Four Saturdays 8/16, 8/30, 9/13, 9/27
August 16, 2008
7:00am to 1:00pm

August 30, 2008
7:00am to 1:00pm

November 13, 2008
7:00am to 1:00pm

November 27, 2008
7:00am to 1:00pm

Further information
1 847-866-2958

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Introducing New Products 2008 Canvas Aprons & Bags

Fine Art aprons by Sharon DeLaCruz

Quality at Affordable Prices
What’s novel is Sharon DeLaCruz’s Fine Art
having sold for over $3,000, is now being
re-designed, selling for as little as $45-$90.
The Artist is offering the smart consumer
high quality at affordable prices.

Support Sustainability
What’s great is knowing your purchase
supports a local IL Artisan who actively
follows the “recycle-waste-not” lifestyle.
Indulge in one-of-kind, perfect practical
gifts that are soft to the touch. Each item
is hand-made with love by the Artist.

Participating in grass-rooted efforts for 30 years,
Sharon continues her support of the eco-
consciousness of today.

Sharon DeLaCruz's love of Fine Art
reflects in her NEW Products

Inscribed into her whimiscal, imaginative artwork read verses like:
"The Heart of Art", everyday is a day to
honor the spirit of love. Send messages to all those that have touched your heart.

(Yes, old fashion sentimental, but effective if practiced in routine daily doses.)

The Artful Way
Fine Artist and Designer, Sharon DeLaCruz
introduces her new product line reinforcing
the eco-message to clean up our planet,
recycle and reduce plastic waste.

The Artist applies her Fine Art to decorate
100% cotton fabrics – hand-painted e-bags,
artist aprons, and quilted wall-hangings
made from recycled fabrics / soy based inks.

Environmental Pavilion
World’s Fair Spokane WA Expo ‘74 USA

Sharon DeLaCruz dedicated her work
as an artist and creative contributor,
by volunteering her time and talents in helping to create an innovative
recycling concept.

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In 1974, the Artist was recognized by WA D.C. officials and WA State Commissioners; as being a
pioneer that established and designed one of the first public displays of recyclable systems.


Introducing New Products 2008 Wool Merino-Alpaca Scarves


One of a kind
Perfect gifts

Designer Scarves
Sharon DeLaCruz's

Soft warm
5.5 inches x 72 inches approx.
Wool Merino-Alpaca


Galt Festival August 9, 2008 BAGs sold at Rock concert

The Donnas and Moby Chicks
All female Led Zeppelin and
Chicago's hottest all girl band
Catfight. Tickets on sale, NOW!
Call 815 648-4591

Chicks rock at the Galt Airport

Saturday August 9th, 2008
Doors open at 5pm

Music Concert details
Galt Airport, 5112 Greenwood Rd
Greenwood, IL 60097
General admission $25 advance
$30 at gate


A portion of BAG sales/proceeds
goes to the U.M.C.
Uptown Multi-Cultural
a Community Center to educate
and promote the Arts & Music
and other creativity.

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Sharon DeLaCruz enjoys HARD ROCK
The BAG Lady sells her Fine ART
printed on eco cotton bags,
matching Tees


Mint Boutique July 19 & 20, 2008 

40th Annual Sheffield 2008
Garden Walk & Beer fest
Special Store front
FUN in the sun
Boutique table display
and a rare balancing act
by local Chicagoan.

-More details-
Sharon DeLaCruz
2 day sales/demo

-Click for more information-
Mint Boutique owner, Melissa Tierney promotes Chicago local artist display in front of her popular Chicago shop at 2150 N. Seminary Ave. for a two day sales/demonstration to celebrate the 40th Annual Sheffield Garden Walk.

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Artisan demonstration July 9-10, 2008 Upcoming show 

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<TWO days ONLY>
Wednesday & Thursday

TIME: 8:30 - 10:00 AM
HOURS: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Ground Level, Atrium Mall,
James R. Thompson Center

Art Spree

Body Adornment & Accessories

Sharon's Garage Sale June 21, 2008 Saturday

773 784-0736 information

Fun in the sun!
8:00am to 4:00pm

or until all of her 50 boxes
are sold off

5052 N. Marine Drive
Foster exit off of Lake Shore drive
Winona street / Marine Drive

The entire neighborhood
blocked off! Local neighbors
selling off their stuff.
100's of tables.

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Silk screening process Step-by-Step <How to print artwork>

Sharon DeLaCruz prints her art
on black cotton bags
August 10, 2008 Sunday


The Artist Sharon DeLaCruz
examines the printing effects
of a white ink onto black cotton bags.

White on black requires
an opague ink to sit on the
surface of the fabric, otherwise
the image will disappear by
absorbing into the fabric fibers.

For permanent image
heat setting is required.
Put item into a heat dry cycle or
iron for 10 minutes.

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Memorial Day Exhibition May 26, 2008 Monday

A Soldier's View
Opening reception
Saturday, May 24, 2008
11:00am to 5:00pm

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<information about Jeff DeLaCruz>

National Vietnam Veterans
Art Museum at 1801 S. Indiana Avenue
Chicago, IL 60616
312 326-0270

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Quilt Exhibition February 8 through April 8, 2008 

American Heart Association
is bringing awareness to all who
encounter this show, heart disease
a number # one killer of women.
The heart theme is presented to the
viewer or visitor.
A serious message.

Ms. Sharon DeLaCruz
presents her finest Quilts.

Dreams Come True 18" X 21.5"
Approx. 165 work hours.
A young girl stares up into the skies
following her dreams with
ART FROM her heart.
Message-Choose success, never give up.
Wall quilt, mixed technique.

Women Talk 18" X 21"
Approx. 155 work hours.
Women talk about important matters.
Heart-to-heart talk about what we
dare not speak to the outside world.
Wall quilt, mixed technique.

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Quilt Exhibit for the
American Heart Association
Southern Illinois Artisans Shop
and Visitors Center

Southern Illinois Art & Artisans Center
14967 Gun Creek Trail
Whittington, IL 62897

(618) 629-2220 more information
contact Romaula or Frankie

Exhibit starts--> February 8, 2008
Exhibit ends---> April 8, 2008


Inner Strength 17" X 17.5"
Approx. 140 work hours.
Meditating figure reminds the daily importance
of stepping from a fast paced life to sit quietly
to gather inner strength. Message against stress.
Wall quilt, mixed technique.

Ground-breaking Ceremony January 24, 2008

Special Presentation Panel
Anil Kothari
Mayor of G/ Costa Rica
Greg Norman


Guanacasta, Costa Rica
<information Link-coming soon>

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Special 2007 2-day Event Quilt sewing demonstration!

Be proud in the crowd
with Sharon's ONE-of-a-kind
unique wool scarves!



You are invited!
Designer Wool Scarves
unique, extra warm, soft and elegant.
Handmade by the Artist
Sharon DeLaCruz. 773 784-0736

Sept 13-14th, Thurs. & Fri.

Thompson Center – ATRIUM
100 W. Randolph St.
Chic. IL 60601

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2007 Annual Christmas Bazaar

December 8 - 9, 2007


Madonna MiniQuilts 8" X 10" sizes
Madonna MiniQuilts 24" X 30" sizes
Handmade by Sharon 773 784-0736



St. Gertrude's Church
1420 West Granville Avenue
Chicago, IL 60660--1896
Telephone 773 764-3621

Sale times:
Saturday Dec. 8, 10:00am to 4:00pm
Sunday Dec. 9, 9:00am to 2:30PM

Wall decor gift for the holidays!
All year around special remembrance.

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Quilted Fiber Art -- Dreams come True November 15-16, 2007

v v
Titled: DREAMS COME TRUE ! (Close-up view)

BE inspired--see fiber arts starting from
30 years ago when a young girl looked up into
the skies in search of following her dreams!

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Home Decorating Show

10:30am-3:30pm Thurs. & Fri.
J. R. Thompson Center – ATRIUM
ILLINOIS State Building
100 W. Randolph St.
Chicago, IL 60601

Featuring UNIQUE
Wool scarves

Art Quilts

Home Decor ideas

Come meet the ARTIST
Sharon DeLaCruz demonstrates
colorful works of art,
applied beadwork,
embroidery appliques,
ink on quilts.

Artist Studio

2007 Activities

Fabric painting
Ceramic plate painting
45 Business Art cards

Quilts, Photography
Woolen Scarves
Book writing, Lawsuit work

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Sharon's Birthday Dinner

August 1, 2007

 7:00pm Friends welcome

Alices & Friends Vegan restaurant
5812 N. Broadway

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McCormick Place
Convention Center

Chicago Illinois
1,000's of people in her audience 3/13/07
Sharon meets Sylvia Browne
World reknown psychic
Spiritual 2007 World Tour

Sylvia Browne tells Sharon that
she is one of the fortunate ones!

Sylvia Browne talks with Sharon :
“You are a VERY great artist
that will meet someone special
to share your life in June of 2008.”

Sylvia’s 3/13/07 predictions were:
Sharon's man would have dark
brown hair, about 5’10” +
with large bones. . .
Audience's laughter erupted as
Sharon began whimpering in her
microphone that June of next year,
(14 months away) was much
too long of a time to wait!

For more information on
Sylvia Browne
1 800-654-5126


Radio Talk Show in plan

Future project - 2007

Talks Show Hosts!
PJ Moriarty, Tim Fairbank, &
Sharon DeLaCruz

Who said life had to be a replay
of what happened before?

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 Custom-made Quilts for Sale May 26, 2007

Painting on fabrics!
Outdoor natural light is the best
to apply color on delicate materials,
Allow one week for each color
to dry with Shiva Oil painting
by Sharon DeLaCruz

<Painting quilt information>

  BRATS our journey home

Kris Kristofferson

Quote by Sharon DeLaCruz
I grew up living life traveling
so frequently that I did not
know what country or city
I would wake up to.

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A Donna Musil Film
featuring Narration and Music
by Kris Kristofferson
<Trailer DVD free information>
The first documentary about
growing up Military or
children of embassy status

< For most, living overseas is
an exciting, enlightening experience,
but it can also be fraught with danger,
and living a traditional American life
in the middle of a foreign country
can be a bit odd. Returning to the
United States can be a severe
culture shock, as well, because
these children no longer have the
same perspective as their peers do.>


2006 Holiday Bazaar December 2, 2006
Silent Auction for Children
9am to 4pm
7345 N Washtenaw
<more information 773 784-0738>
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Ethnic and diverse cultural races meet
in family fun at the grade school auditorium.

< I like your spirit. The children really,
really need to see success--in your face,
and people who resemble their face. >
Quote by Hunter Adams

Watts Tower
Save and Preserve the ARTS

California Folk Art Environments

Spaces is dedicated to
saving and preserving arts
and cultural environments.
<more information>

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Political Responsibility November 7, 2006

Vote today!
Make a difference by taking action
and let your voice be heard.
We were born into corruption
and a world run amuck. Just vote.

<Young Activists Fellowship Program>

Accomplishment Award
November 1, 2005 to '06

Wisdom Course
It's all about the entire expression
through the arts. Following through
with music, art, dance and using
the artistic language and freedom
of expression.
Fun-O-meters Awards.

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A++ top of the class!
Navy Pier-Chicago,IL
312 440-3440

Living Powerfully
Landmark Education
Graduate Event
A Life that Defies the Predictable!
<more information>
Active NAPP member    October 31, 2006 + '07 + '08
Sharon an active member
National Association of
Photoshop Professionals
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  Important meetings

Watt's First Book Publication
Bud Goldstone–author
Discussion meeting at Jerry's
Los Angeles, CA

This man knows everything there is to know about the safety and the construction of cement structures and related materials.

  Crowne Plaza Hotel 5/06/2006

The Fortune Teller

A few moments of fun,
fame & laughter.

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[Quote-Richard M. Valentino 5/06/2006]
Sharon, only you and Shakespeare can turn a tragedy into a comedy and
educate the public with humor and the understanding of LOVE!

A unique personality
shared a new form of laughter
with her audience,
appearing in a Chicago local talent show
at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.
Her story began as she re-enacts an infant
being put to nap in her crib,
watching the door close,
she imagined she was being left to die.


Memorial Celebration October 13, 2006 1:00pm

For Seymour Rosen

Brown Auditiorium Los Angeles
County Museum of Art
5905 Wilshire Blvd, LA 90036

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  Exchanging ideas

Photographer Marvin Rand
and Ms.Sharon DeLaCruz

exchanging ideas of her inner growth,
beautiful illustrations, you just need to
make the reader aware of the coming
sequence of ideas by inserting chapters,
like opening doors!" With his words
Sharon created a series of work study sections,
named "Open the doors, enter your Life!"

When first hearing of the news of
Marvin's passing, I recall during our final
farewell, his whisper in my ear that this
would be the last time we would meet and
that I should have more patience with
understanding of life circumstances.

That very day of hearing of Marvin Rand,
was a day I knew that he was gone, yet still
"alive in my consciousness" and he successfully
influenced my creative spirit through our
personal contact.

Our conversations were about our hopes and
dreams in life and the feelings of satisfaction
at having accomplished our mission upon
our journey in life. Marvin Rand in sharing his ideas
on his photography, business and his life
inspired me in my own artist work. Having shared
time with MaryAnn Rand at her Art studio
and observing her devotion and supportiveness
was a most encouraging heart warming experiences
to be in their presence.

Sincerely, Ms. Sharon DeLaCruz


Architectural Photographer
Marvin Rand +
Sharon DeLaCruz

Los Angeles, CA

Marvin Rand's Book infomation
Greene and Greene
ISBN no. 1-58685-105-5
Book Description
Now under one cover, two classic, indispensable
volumes by the foremost authority on Greene & Greene.
Both volumes, Architecture and Furniture have been
continuously in print for more than twenty years.
All serious students of architecture must have this
foundation research in their personal libraries.
Charles and Henry Greene have become legends
in the Arts & Crafts genre. Their "ultimate bungalows"
are the standard against which all other
U.S. Arts & Crafts architecture is measured.
Volume I, Architecture, is a monument to
the brothers Greene and their art, combining
biography with descriptive analysis.
Volume II, Furniture, delves into the nature of their integrated designs, with emphasis on furniture,
light fixtures, art glass, and other decorative elements.
Randell L. Makinson, Hon. AIA, has led the scholarship
on the Greenes for 25 years. He is director
emeritus of the Gamble House, serving as
consulting curator of the Greene & Greene Library
and Exhibition housed at the Hunting Library-all
programs of the University of Southern California.
He is the author of Greene & Greene:
The Passion and the Legacy, as well as
The Blacker House, coauthored with
Thomas A. Heinz and Brad Pitt.
Makinson lives in Pasadena.



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Discover forgotten dreams  Feng Shui event July 9, 2006

Artist self-portrait visualizing
her own gallery display.

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Visualize your life!
July 9, 2006 6:00pm-9:00pm
820 N. Orleans Chic. IL
Landmark Education
Through Art collages, dance, singing,
acting, dreaming with spontaneity . . .
Sharon manifests her future through drawings revealing her love and
passions. The mere act of sitting,
cooking or enjoying a concert can
be a creative expression depending on the attitude of being present to that moment.

Art Commissions

Another Season of ----->

Colorful painted canvases

40" X 40"
60" X 40" or

Custom sizes

Garden Flowers
Commissions welcomed!
These ideas were created for small or big spaces or apartment/home or offices, interchangeable sections to keep up with the change of seasons.

Scrolled Flower designs are especially appropriate to enlargments for huge mural sizes that will soften the concrete/marbled surfaces, harsh acoustics, and accent the building lines of vast spaces of corporate buildings.

Transform your space with taste.

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  2006 Monthly Events
Silk Road Oasis Celebration
June Calendar of Events
72 E. Randolph Street
Notable events all month long

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Highly skilled Illinois Artisan

June 19-23, 2006

Sharon DeLaCruz

Artisan participates in special
group exhibition of
Spirit of Silk Road
Suminagashi, Silk painting,
Turkish marbling, Indigo dyeing,
Quilted fiber arts. 20 artists!

Atrium, James R. Thompson
8:00am-6:00pm Mon-Fri

Special Events
  Lotus Blossom Quilt on display

Artist technique
is not just a simple flower decor.

What appears to be a
vase sitting on a tabletop
with striped wallpaper, is
technically achieved by
Sharon sewing several translucent
fabric layers beneath.
100 W. Randolph St.

Quilt Fiber Arts Show June 14-15, 2006

10:30am–3:30pm Wed. & Thurs.
Illinois Artisans presents
Sharon DeLaCruz in person
Thompson Center – ATRIUM
100 W. Randolph St.
Chic. IL 60601
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Printer Row book fair June 3-4, 2006

Sharon DeLaCruz – Table #265

Artist book signing
Chicago Art Scene book
Crow Woods publisher

Buy Direct from ARTIST

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  Artist book signing

Enjoy the famous summer weekend

Printer Row book fair
Ivy Sundell -- publisher
Sharon DeLaCruz – Book display

Chicago ART Scene

Live Music, Food,
Rare collectible antique books
etc . . .

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MetalWorks Art Gallery Friday–April 21, 2006

Racial controversy
-in- the-Arts.

Clarke Dean–Photographer
Participant–Sharon DeLaCruz

What do you mean
we all look alike?

This gallery show
attracts a special group
of people you will want to talk to.

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Valentine Art Spree February 9-10, 2006 Thurs. / Fri.

Fiber artist Sharon DeLaCruz
Personal Invitation to see
Artist work display!
100 W. Randolph

It's all about giving your heart away.
Do it with a special gift that will keep
forever, a special one-of-kind, made with love, a sentiment that is worth the value.

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Frank Lloyd Wright film March 26-April 6, 2008

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Sharon DeLaCruz featured in
Active member promotion
Chicago Bauhaus and Beyond

More information
Sharon DeLaCruz Photography
is visible in recently published pamphlets
Wrightway Japan: Contemporary Architecture by the Frank Lloyd Wright
Preservation Trust.

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Sharon meets public June 14-15, 2006

Sharon DeLaCruz
Free consultation

Quilt display in Atrium center
Illinois State building
James R. Thompson Center
100 W. Randolph St.
Chicago, IL 60601

Award Winner 2005

45 of Sharon DeLaCruz's
Award winning images included
with top International designers
from around the world.
BE inspired by these ideas
to create in your own life.


Award of Distinction 2005
Sharon DeLaCruz
Hard bound cover publication
Advertising & Design from
around the world
Going for Greatness!
Order this book
or ask questions

More about pricing and
available quantities.

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World wide publication  Creativity 34 Award winner 2005

Sharon DeLaCruz

published by Harper Collins

[Buy ART Cards
Direct from Artist
$15.00 includes ship/handling.

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Tri-pod Quilt display Illinois Artisan 2004

Great new start--
coming back
slowly into the public arena.

A unique display of Victory.


James R. Thompson building

Sharon DeLaCruz

Since the artist's Fall down quilt of 2002,
her colleagues and friends were aware of Sharon's struggle with recovery to regain the use of her hands and arms. They were inspired to ingenuously create and erect this unique tri-pod display to help her endure any strong winds that might otherwise blow down.

Her quilts up to this point were proudly exhibiting unfinished, loose threads bearing the mark of an accident victim that might not ever have use of her arms and hands ever again. Her dreams fell short, of completion.


Certificate of recognition Artist Design Award 2002

Selected for Logo Design

Global publication
Forma Ltd. / Crmultimedia

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Sharon DeLaCruz the emerging artist
>Having a Social event or gathering of 10 or more?
Invite the Artist for a personal showing to feature an impressive collection
of ink drawings, photography, seriographs, watercolors and other artistic creations.
>Have fun learning about life, color and design, while quilting or making art. The Artist will demonstrate and you can learn how to create and relax at the same time.
>Ask for her inspirational presentation and the Artist's show-and-tell. Her work is available for sale on-line 7-01-2008 or email her at



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2. Where I have been?
3. Current events and upcoming?

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