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Wool Scarves

Introducing Wool Scarves  

Many Luscious Colors

Soft cuddly warm
Man and Woman
scarves available

Once you put them
around your neck
you'll be tempted
to keep it on.

Scarf gallery & price information

Grand Opening ~ Wool Scarves

Sharon DeLaCruz
Chicago Designer 2008

November 15-16, 2007
10:30am-3:30pm Thurs. & Fri.

J. R. Thompson Center – ATRIUM
ILLINOIS State Building
100 W. Randolph St.
Chicago, IL 60601

Dress for cold weather
The Warmest Layering technique
Prevent Winter Chills
Sacred Pocket
Blue Boa

My friends love it!

Wearing it to
my next dinner party.
Scott F.

My favorite colors.
K. Miller

Maureen Moon
twin sister, wears favored
similar colors.
Strong design 2/26/2009 2/24/2009

BauHaus Design
A. Porter


Blue scarf
perfect for
transitional weather

Emerald Green

Baby Alpaca Wool
Extra warmth

2/14/2009 9/15/2008

Natural color
Silver blue borders


Silver Grey
Love your scarf.

Hot pink or silver grey
Soft Wool, extra long fringe



Happy Customer 7/09/2008

Matching colors

Scarf Information

The Executive look

The Look of Success
Slim and trim


Extra long with fringe
My favorite color.
Betty L. Smith

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Happy Customer 9/16/2008  


Cindy's Favorite Red
One of a kind
Tassle & Beads.

Jan's Green scarf
Tassels & beads.

Black w/ white border
extra long tassles

Strand Hair Salon
1123 West Webster

Very warm

Soft toTouch

Glimmers in the Sun

Saved my life

Wear everyday!
Merino Wool
Extra length


Brilliant Blue scarf
Merino-Alpaca Wool.

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 NEW collection 2008  

Special Wool Scarves

2008 New Collection
Brown, blue greens,
wooden beads.
Mohair Wool.

Wow, I love it, REAL ART!
A HAPPY customer 12/28/2007--Suzanne S.
Chocolate brown


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Fine Art scarf
Extra long
Luxurious 100% Merino wool

2008 New Collection See More Wool scarves
Heritage colors

Extra long

Red textured yarn
double layer of fringes,
black beads peak-a-boo

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Attractive Details
Loden Green Merino wools.
Fringe decor with glass leaf beads

  Casual or formal Birthday gift 

African heritage
Web M.

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Market place or theater.
Comfort and warmth.

Classic Elegant black
Extra long linear design.
Jeff D.

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Wears designer scarf
Double-decker fringe,
iridescent beads.

Extra long. Merino Wool.

Wear everywhere   Custom-made Scarves

green scarf
Abundantly warm
attractive green
health, weath and happiness.

Attention to details
Tassles, fringes, beads!

A-symmetric design

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#1--Yarn colors

New yarn colors coming soon!

Allow 2 weeks to order similar style and colors.
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Cleaning Instructions

How to care for luxury wool scarves--[return to top of page]

1. Dry clean every other season or when necessary. Email for special hand-wash soap.

2. Spot clean with damp cotton cloth, immediately after spilling.

3. Store in ivory cotton bag in off season.

4. Use cedar wood, do not use toxic moth balls to store woolen products.

5. Call 773 784-0736 protective cotton bag.
Complimentary storage bag, with purchase of Sharon DeLaCruz's scarf.

Fine Art promotional

2008 Moon Goddess exclusive promotional.
Limited time available only with purchase of
wool scarves expiring in December 2009.

see more bag styles

All enatural --Black & White series
Theme--all colors are
Fine art collector's limited edition

Size measurements
15 X 16 inches
22 inch handle

enatural 100% cotton bag
for off season protection

Choose Organic
it's safer for you

Why Colors look different? [return to top of page]

The same red scarf photographed in night or by daylight.

1. night light

RED Scarf
100 % Merino wool,

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2. day light

The same RED Scarf
100 % Merino wool,
is bright during day.

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