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As Seen on Fox TV - Channel 6  12/21/2009
As Seen on Fox TV - Channel 6  1/19/2010
On January 19, 2010 Sharon DeLaCruz's warm wool scarves were aired on National TV in the Fashion segment - Snow Gear.
These scarves have been acknowledged as being part of the essentials for dressing in cold weather.

Sharon DeLaCruz scarf designs are continuously evolving to suit the customer.

Receive a 15% discount toward your next purchase by emailing a suggestion on what might improve a design to your liking.


For Immediate Release  10/18/2009
Sharon DeLaCruz
5052 N. Marine Drive, #D-7
Chicago, IL 60640
773-784-0736 studio
847-456-2095 mobile

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - OCTOBER 18, 2009 Body text -- Word count 286
ARTIST SHARON DELACRUZ Unveils Her “Cherry Belle 2010 Scarf Collection”

will debut her Art Scarves, with the unveiling of her Cherry Belle 2010 Scarf Collection
at the Chicago One of a Kind Show and Sale held at the Merchandise Mart coming on December 3-6, 2009. Open to the public, this annual holiday event features 400 trend-setting artists, artisans, and designers showing their contemporary clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

On Friday, December 4, at 12:00 noon, at the show’s Fashion District Center Stage
(as part of the collection debut); Ms. DeLaCruz will be presenting:
“The Artful Scarf is Your Best Friend”, where the artist will demonstrate how simply changing your appearance with her Art Scarves can change your life! Also, by special arrangement, renowned Opera Soprano ROSE GUCCIONE will be performing a customized Aria commemorating Sharon DeLaCruz’s “Cherry Belle Scarf Collection”. The award winning Ms. GUCCIONE is the owner of™

Sharon DeLaCruz’s handcrafted scarves are each one-of-a-kind, providing warmth and elegance. Their exquisite artistry is accented with hand-sewn detailed beadwork. Their dainty tassel embellishments, which “flirt with the wind as you walk”, have been known to stir artful conversations and foster new friendships!

This unique collection includes a range of scarf sizes fitting small children to deluxe sizes, measuring up to 13" x 116". All are made with natural, quality materials – merino and alpaca wools, silks, and blended yarns. These beautifully handcrafted scarves, priced from $95 to $675, make the perfect gifts for him, her, and the young ones.

Each scarf comes with a gift storage bag, decorated by Ms. DeLaCruz’s
original artwork. To see more of Ms. DeLaCruz’s scarves please visit on-line On Decemmber 3-6, 2009 see her wool scarves at Booth #8101 at the Chicago One of a Kind Show and Sale, visit on-line

x x x

About the Artist
Sharon DeLaCruz is an international Artist based in Chicago, whose work and accomplishments include Fine Art illustrations and Fiber Textile Arts. Ms. DeLaCruz’ work is inspired from her personal experiences and by following her dreams and goals in life. Ms. DeLaCruz will be unveiling her latest wearable art creations to the Public with her Cherry Belle 2010 Scarf Collection, to be exhibited at the One of a Kind Show and Sale at the Chicago Merchandise Mart on December 3-6, 2009.

Ms. DeLaCruz’s accomplishments in fine art quilting have earned her many exhibitions and awards, including the landmark 1998 Chicago gallery exhibition and catalogue publication, The Chicago Art Scene (Ivy Sundell, Crow Woods Publishing, 1998). In 2005, Sharon received a notable Design Award of Distinction when she was selected and published in the annual, Creativity 34 - Designs from Around the World, recognizing her work with international acclaim through this worldwide distribution publication (David E. Carter, editor, Collins Design, 2005).

Sharon DeLaCruz’s unique artwork and inspiration is truly international, from her birthplace on the tropical Island of Oahu, Honolulu Hawaii in 1953, to her artistic training in Europe. While living in Malmö Sweden, for 11 years, Sharon developed her natural artistic talents under the tutelage of one of Sweden’s finest art illustrators Tjeerd Ackema, who was a favored student of M.C. Escher. Sharon, a graduate of Washington State University, is now applying her strong educational and artistic background in Fine Arts and design to redefine warm wool scarves as wearable pieces of art.

Sharon turned a serious setback around; after being injured from tripping on a broken city sidewalk; she successfully overcame her injuries and painful recovery to triumphantly discover a new approach to marketing her artful products. Sharon’s prolific creative work is a testament to bring respect and deserved honor to all Artisans who labor with their hands.

Sharon is an advocate for education and public awareness on various issues, and specifically for the appreciation of handmade-work that is often taken for granted in today’s market.

By arrangement, the Artist Sharon DeLaCruz is available for personal interviews before and during her upcoming shows. A publication list, digital press release photographs are available on request.

Sharon DeLaCruz, 5052 N. Marine Drive, #D-7, Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 784-0736 studio, (847) 456-2095 mobile,

Additional Information
Cherry Belle 2010 Scarf Collection:
Exceptional gift tote bags at:

Upcoming Shows and Sales
October 29, 2009, hours 6:30 to 9:00pm; Private exhibit and sale, Uptown Chicago Commission presents Uptown Artist: Ms. Sharon DeLaCruz, UCC President James Cappleman, 4602 N.Malden, Chicago, IL. Private event by invitation only, fund-raiser program.

November 19-20, 2009, hours 10:00am to 4:00pm; Home Decorating show, IL Artisan’s two-day display at the JR Thompson Center, 100 W. Randolph Chicago, IL
December 3-6,2009; Chicago One of a Kind Show and Sale, Merchandise Mart, Chicago
For additional information visit:

December 4, 2009, 12:00 noon, special event demonstration at the One of a Kind Show and Sale, “The Artful Scarf is Your Best Friend”; Fashion District Center Stage, One of a Kind Show, Merchandise Mart, 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, IL 60654

Rose Guccione, owner of™ by special arrangement, will be presenting as part of Sharon DeLaCruz’s noon-time demonstration on December 4th, 2009. Rose Guccione is the famed opera soprano and Grand Prize Winner of the Barnett Foundation Voice Competition and a recipient of the Gina Monastero Award, and owner of™.™ was recently featured in the Chicago Tribune, on NBC5 News Today, and The John Landecker Show on WLS 890 AM.

The Chicago Art Scene (Ivy Sundell, Crow Woods Publishing, 1998)
Exhibition showcase of two-dimensional extraordinary works of 68 fine artists
ISBN 0-9665871-9-7

Creativity 34 Advertising and Designs from Around the World
Harper Collins worldwide distribution publication, Editor David E. Carter
ISBN: 0-06-083310-6 Library of Congress# 2005921932


For Immediate Release  2/16/2009

Word count 426
Press/Publicity Release - news - Chicago, IL, 02/06/2009
Chicago Designer, Ms. Sharon DeLaCruz is providing a way to sell her high-end products, while expanding her product line to include “re-makes”, while making a difference in the community.
Creative Artist promotes entrepreneur woman-owned start-up businesses, minority women and not excluding the well-deserved attention of the stay-at-home mom or elderly who wish to make good use of their creative hands.

Body Text
Industrialization is changing the dynamics of the way we see our products, the consumer is coming to expect more for less money, making it more difficult for the average artist to compete with the "big giants" selling for less. This is putting pressure on the Artist who is creating ONE of a KIND handmade products--as the increasing population is driving the prices down by wanting more for less.

Chicago Designer/Artist, Sharon DeLaCruz is providing another alternative and co-operative way of thinking business while sharing the wealth. "Unite" she says is the key factor to success. Think as a group “unified and not divided”. She alone cannot knit, crochet or sew fast enough to provide market demands, so has asked for the help from women from numerous groups, such as Church groups, teens, elderly, stay-at-home moms to use their hands creatively and send their products to the designer to sell and/or distribute. Sharon says, "Life makes sense, ($-cents) when you quilt all the unconnected parts and pieces of your life together".

It’s a win-win situation. Your art or yarn, and fabric project can become profitable. You do not have to be an expert knitter, or seamstress! You can send or email information about your creation to Ms. Sharon DeLaCruz and she will re-design, renovated if necessary and/or prepare it for the high-end consumer for profitability. This is a gradual increasing opportunity to build a relationship between “creative hands” and the marketplace.

If you love to make things, but do not know how or where to sell it. Distribution does not have to be a mystery. People in the community can unite with their creative hands, and recognize that problem solving that can be done together.

Don’t be stuck challenged or let opportunity slip by. If you think you have a viable creative project similar to that seen on Ms. Sharon DeLaCruz's website and appears to fit along her au-natural product line, contact her to make the opportunity happen. Ask for size requirements for her scarves, baby blankets, hats etc. Be a part of spreading her philosophy in life,
Choose Success and never give-up!

Ms. Sharon DeLaCruz
773 784-0736
847 456-2095 cell

For Immediate Release 12/02/2008 

News Release- /For Immediate news/press release/ - Chicago, IL, United States, 12/02/2008

Details of this weekend’s event:
St. Gertrude Parish’s Annual Christmas Bazaar
& Pancake Breakfast
Sat., Dec. 6th, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, and
Sun., Dec. 7th, 9:00 am to 2:30 pm
Pancake Breakfast Sunday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
St. Gertrude’s Christmas Bazaar is an annual Edgewater tradition…
featuring 40 Artisans & Craft vendors as well as the beloved
White Elephant Table, concessions, activities for children,
and even photo opportunities with Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick
1401 W. Granville Ave. 773-764-3621

As summarily stated by one of it's parishners, "the best thing about our Parish cannot be seen, heard, or put down on paper and that is, the spirit about this place. I know thes who attend our bazaar can feel it, because they want to come back, year-after-year. There is a warmth and energy of spirit here that I have not found elsewhere. It is truly a gift for us all."

Designer Sharon DeLaCruz to Donate December 6-7th, Event proceeds from this 2-day Holiday Bazaar toward St. Gertrude’s Parish and to UMC Uptown Multi Cultural Center.

News Release- /For Immediate news/press release/ - Chicago, IL, United States, 12/02/2008 – Sharon DeLaCruz, "Choose Success, Never give-up", believes that every person deserves a second chance at life. That is why she has decided to donate 10%of all of her sales.

Body Text
Chicago designer, Sharon DeLaCruz, Chicago designer is elevating the definition of Fine Art quilts, tote bags, aprons, scarf designs with a conscious mind. Fine Artist turned Quilter/Fiber-Artist, Sharon DeLaCruz re-establishes her business CRMultimedia as a way to express her multiple array of talents after overcoming a severe accident that left her arms and hands lifeless enduring a recovery of 4 years. The Artist is currently making good use of her gifted hands with unending gratitude.

Sharon DeLaCruz continues to establish herself as a designer with powerful vision and desires to share her unique creations designed from her heart. She is strongly attracted to hand-made meaningful things, which enriches the human spirit.

As part of her company’s community outreach, Sharon DeLaCruz has excitedly launched a line of cotton canvas aprons and tote bags which she uses vegetable soy base inks on un-dyed cotton surfaces. The benefit from this Chicago designer’s work is her efforts to increase public awareness. Her LOVE inspiring messages are inscribed throughout her artwork.

According to the designer, love makes you create throughout all areas of your life, as she encourages color awareness. “All colors, even the ugly colors, can be beautiful–when used elegantly”. The Artist’s goal is to gently remind the public to think about abundance and generosity during these times of uncertainty. See more of her inspiring story through her website:

Ms. Sharon DeLaCruz
773 784-0736
847 456-2095 cell

Charitable organizations I support:
St. Gertrude Catholic Parish
1401 W. Granville Ave.
Chicago, IL 60660
Uptown Multi-Cultural Art Center
1630 W Wilson Ave
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 561-7676

Cotton Bags
on sale

Creative fine art
Sharon DeLaCruz
inspiring messages
Choose success,
Never give up.

For Immediate Release 2008 
Press Release for Sat./Sun., July 19-20, 2008
469 words (2 pages)


Sharon DeLaCruz Exhibits at the Mint Boutique in Celebration
of the 40th Annual 2008 Sheffield Garden Walk

1. Body Text:
Chicago designer, Sharon DeLaCruz,
uses an inspiring theme, Choose Success, Never Give Up.
Perfect gifts for all occasions. Come see her unique fabric art display and demonstration of her artisan skills at the Mint Boutique on Saturday/Sunday, July 19-20. The designer creates one-of-a-kind colorful scarves and hand-stitched fabric wall hangings, decorated with her imaginative style of black-line drawings.

Meet the Artist Sharon DeLaCruz, who will be selling 2 days only. Art pieces for sale: designer scarves made all natural cotton or wool, organic cotton bags decorated with her own original artwork, art cards/postcards and one-of-a-kind mini quilted fabric wall hangings. Products prices range from $30., $45.00 to $350. and surprise give-aways with special purchases.

Titles of the one-of-a-kind mini wall hangings:
Dreams Come True.
A young girl stares up into the sky following her dreams.
Wall hanging, mixed media technique-18”x21.5”

Inner Strength. Meditating figure, protect the inner world - a message against stress. Wall hanging, mixed media technique-17”x17.5”

Women Talk. Women talking about important matters.
Wall hanging, mixed media technique-18”x21”

Other titles: The Garden, Transformation, The Edge and etc.

The Event, the 40th Annual Sheffield Garden Walk, expects 35,000 people to enjoy this amazing summer festival / garden walk / galleries / architecture / live bands / beer festivity / awesome food & entertainment,
on July 19 (11:00-5:00) and July 20 (12:00-5pm), 2008.

Sharon DeLaCruz’ brings a multi-cultural background to her work after traveling and exhibiting worldwide. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, educated in France and Sweden, graduated with honors, Magna Cum Laude in Fine Arts/Graphic Design, with a minor in Psychology from Washington State University. She has traveled extensively in Central Europe, the Middle East. the Mediterranean, Japan, Indonesia, Nepal, Mexico and South America. In addition to her multi discipline techniques, she has evolved a simple philosophy about color , incorporating it into all her work – “All colors, even the ‘ugly’ colors can be beautiful when used elegantly. There are no ugly colors”. In the mid 1980s she made her home in Chicago where the abundance of different cultures made a world traveler feel at home.

The Event, the 40th Annual Sheffield Garden Walk, expects 35,000 people to enjoy this amazing summer festival / garden walk / galleries / architecture / live bands / beer festivity / awesome food & entertainment,
on July 19 (11:00-5:00) and July 20 (12:00-5pm), 2008.

2. Contact information
Mint Boutique owner, Melissa Tierney promotes Chicago local artist display in front of her popular Chicago shop at 2150 N. Seminary Ave. for a two day sales/demonstration to celebrate the 40th Annual Sheffield Garden Walk.

Mint Boutique 773-322-2944
Sharon DeLaCruz 773-784-0736

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Press Release--June 2006
Sharon DeLaCruz:
Chicago Fiber Artist creates autobiography
Website events are currently posted at

Private showings and commissions by Sharon DeLaCruz

Following in the path of predecessors such as Tjeerd Ackema, Sweden’s and Amsterdam’s leading artist/illustrator, her history includes studies with renowned artists in Europe, including Erte, Lebadang and exhibiting her work in both European and local galleries.

Sharon's work exudes a whimsical fantasy and yet serious undertone regarding the controversial denial state of inner disillusionment.
Often flirtatious and subtly sensual, her images strike us
by their strong graphic aesthetic and powerfully detailed illustrative qualities. Her passion for the fiber arts captures the reflections
of her worldly travels in a unique manner, but above all display
the mastery of drawing and composition.

The artist meets the public during her rare two-day Quilt displays presented bi-annually in the atrium center at the Illinois State building, James R. Thompson Center, 100 W. Randolph St. Currently showing June 14-15, 2006.

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Sharon DeLaCruz the emerging artist
>Having a Social event or gathering of 10 or more?
Invite the Artist for a personal showing to feature an impressive collection
of ink drawings, photography, seriographs, watercolors and other artistic creations.
>Have fun learning about life, color and design, while quilting or making art. The Artist will demonstrate and you can learn how to create and relax at the same time.
>Ask for her inspirational presentation and the Artist's show-and-tell. Her work is available for sale on-line 7-01-2008 or email her at

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