Chicago Loop
3. Chicago Loop Collection
ONE of a kind
Red dot = not available

Price $45- $65 each. Add shipping.
Perfect gift scarf. Medium weight blended content
Each scarf created by Sharon DeLaCruz Chicago designer.
All scarves and accessories are one of a kind and best friend gift.
See Terms of Scarf sales.


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Blue Thunder scarf

Earth Garden

Crayola scarf

Limited time only - Price $45

True Blue scarf

Silver Glimmer scarf

Orange Cranberry

Blue Violet scarf

Mink scarf

Seurat scarf

Multi scarf

Tender Touch scarf

Rose Glimmer scarf

Turquoise Delight scarf

Big Red scarf

Lavender scarf

Chocolate Metallic scarf

Aqua green scarf

Blue Ice scarf

Pink Mint scarf

Snowman Family + SnowDog

Red Rover scarf

Tiffany scarf


Pinkie scarf

Pinkie scarf

Soft Leaf scarf

Lavendar mint scarf

Winter Mist scarf


More scarf inventory
coming soon!

Please check back




Sweet Cocoa Puff scarf

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